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ALI Additional liability insurance ALI provides additional protection for bodily injury or death PLUS property damage
ASC Airport service charge Premium location surcharge applied by airport authorities for terminal and off- terminal locations
CDW Collision damage waiver Collision damage waiver is an optional service that relieves the customer of responsibility for any damage to the vehicle. If declined, the customer will be responsible for any costs incurred.
VLF/RFL Vehicle license fee/Road fund license Government imposed levy for each rental car in the car providers fleet
LDW Loss damage waiver Renters may purchase loss damage waiver (LDW) that relieves them of all financial responsibility for loss or damage to the rental car as long as they comply with the terms of the rental agreement.
LSC Location service charge Premium location surcharge applied for car company rental locations in premium locations
PAE Personal Accident & Effects Insurance See PAI/PEP PAE is combination
PAI Personal accident insurance Personal Accident Insurance covers the renter and passengers if they have an accident during the rental as a driver or passenger. It covers accidental death, some medical expenses and assistance and rescue.
PEP/PEC Personal effects protection / coverage Personal Effects Protection insures the personal belongings of the renter and the immediate family members who are travelling with the renter.
SLI/EP Supplementary liability insurance / extended protection The Supplemental Liability Insurance option covers the renters liability to third parties, resulting from an automobile accident in a rental vehicle to a specified maximum value for each occurrence
TP Theft protection If the rental car is stolen, this will cover the cost of replacing it (or parts of it). Normally, however, the renter will have to pay an excess towards these costs.
YDS Young driver surcharge A surcharge payable by young drivers under a specified age
ID Car rental membership program

Rate Related

ADV Advance booking notice Some rates require an advanced booking period
CD Corporate discount programme Corporations can negotiate corporate discounted rates with car providers, which are triggered using a pre-defined corporate discount number
Commissionable A commision is paid to the booking travel agency Most rates are commissionable unless they have been specifically negotiated with a corporation where the fulfilment travel agency is paid a service fee instead
FFP Frequent flyer programme Airline programme allowing the accumulation of air mileage awards for a car booking
FT Frequent traveller Frequent traveller number allowing the identification of the traveller with regards to a Frequent Flyer Programme
Non- commissionable No commission is paid to the booking travel agency
O/W One Way rental A car rental where the car is picked up and dropped off at different rental locations belonging to the same car provider. Depending on the provider and the type of rental, a one-way rental may incur a supplementary fee
PC Promotion code
RC Rate code A specific product code used by the car provider to identify the product being offered for sale
REQ Request basis A car rental booking (identified as REQ or NN) which requires specific confirmation by the car rental company before being confirmed to the customer.
UNL Unlimited mileage The is no limitation as to the number of miles that may be driven in the rental car. This is the opposite to a time and mileage rental where a fixed number of miles is defined, with an excess charge being applied for each mile driven by the renter in excess of the pre- defined limit

Policy, topic related

ACRISS Association of Car Rental Industry Systems and Standards
APT  Airport
CRS Central Reservation System
DL Drivers Licence National drivers licence
D/T Downtown location
FPO Fuel purchase option
GDS Global Distribution System
RRS Railway station
IDP International drivers permit Not acceptable for renting without a National drivers licence
T/A Travel Agent